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The 155 is a double-pull binding brute.



Unique floating-feed roller system works on tough carpets and backings

Quickly and easily picks up and feeds thick and uneven materials

INcludes built-in speed control

Non-slip gear-reduction drive with heavy-duty motor is made in the USA

Converts to stationary unit with foot control in seconds

Unique feed mechanism gives much greater mobility than traditional feed rollers

Straight or zigzag lock-stitch for maximum binding strength

Ergonomic handle gives better visibility and reduces hand and arm fatigue

Permanent factory pre-set feed timing

Sews inside curves, outside curves, corners, etc

Easy and quick maintenance

Brutes include a 7/8" folder that accommodates binding and serging tape

Accommodates a variety of folder sizes

Over four yards a minute

Rectified DC motor

Built-in heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels

Great for base work

Binds carpets that most other binders can't, from berbers to lightweights, with greater control

90-day manufacturer's warranty

INCLUDED with 155:

Instruction manual

One spool of thread

126-P127 accessory kit

1 roll of 7/8" binding

1 roll of sample serging

Binding discs and centering plug

2045 lubricant